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Strands of Harmony (SOH) was founded by Irene Yung, who has been designing jewelry and instructing Tai Chi for many years in Pasadena, California. Her jewelry designs uniquely reflect her passion and understanding of Tai Chi, the Five Element of Life Force and Yin/Yang. Strands of Harmony has two product lines: SOH FASHION and HEALING HAND. Her jewelry can be found at Atelier Femme and at Essence of Motion, both in Pasadena. Samples of her jewelry are showcased at the Photo Gallery of this website.

The SOH Fashion line is designed with quality semi-precious stones. Each piece is crafted with care, and can be had at an affordable price. The hardware used is primarily sterling silver, gold filled, and copper. The SOH Fashion line can be found at the two Pasadena stores. In addition, Irene highly encourages clients to contact her directly to customize a special strand for themselves or for their love ones.

Healing Hand pieces are designed and hand-made by Irene with 100 percent natural minerals. Irene carefully inspects and selects all stones herself to confirm that they are free from any artificial treatment—this ensures that the chosen stones have the best healing power. All healing strands then go through a long process of energy purification for our clients. Irene works closely with holistic healers to ensure that you receive the best STRAND for your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. For details of how a healing strand is created—from choosing the appropriate stones for specific needs, to the last steps of purification—please refer to the Healing Hand tab of this website.


Gemstone Healing - The Energy Medicine

For centuries, many different cultures have used therapeutic gemstones to nourish, heal, and enhance all aspects of human life. How are gemstones able improve one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well being, when modem science and Western physicians have fallen short?

Modern physics reveals that all matter is energy in material form. Natural gemstones/crystals are the perfect example of this natural law. A gemstone is comprised of molecules in motion at a rate unique to that substance. Every gemstone both embodies and generates its unique concentrated energy. This is the same energy that nourishes, sustains, and enriches all living things, including humans. When certain gemstones are used properly, the energy within them interacts with our human energy—known as Chi.

A healing gemstone’s energy radiates into the user’s aura and body, where the energy detects and dissolves blockages. This gemstone’s energy transforms these imbalanced energies into harmonious vibrations back to the user’s body. This positive energy will nourish the areas that have been suffering from the deficiencies of Chi and, therefore, eliminate the discomfort and illness from the blockages and restore our Chi back to its natural state of vitality and harmony.


Although each piece is unique, everything designed by Healing Hand goes through an extensive and labor intensive process designed to bring out the best in the stones and the best in their wearers.

The healing stones used by Healing Hand are hand-picked from a small circle of reputable dealers. Irene inspects each stone in person to confirm that it is free from fractures or other defects. The stones must also vibrant, free of cloudiness, and exhibit a natural energy. When customized healing jewelry is made for a specific patient, Irene will research and identify the specific stones to fit those needs.

Before they are ready to be fashioned and worn, the stones must go through a lengthy cleansing to optimize their effectiveness and to remove any negative energy. First, the stones are cleaned naturally, which includes a complete submersion in rain water, salt water, or water sourced from a running stream or river. After the water cleansing, the stones are fabricated into pieces of jewelry, each customized to maximize the healing properties sought. Our healing stones are typically made with copper—this is the optimal metal for conducting the stone's energy to the wearer. Metals such as gold and silver are usually avoided, as they may repel or disperse the vital energy.

The finished pieces are then completely covered in natural soil under a thriving fruit tree for at least 24 hours. This recharges them. It allows them to absorb the energy of the Earth and returns them to their natural state.

The next day, they are retrieved and allowed to rest overnight on a large stone of amethyst. During this phase, calming music is played nearby to enhance the stones' properties. The vibrations of the music activate the atoms and structure of the stones, maximizing their potential energy. It is this natural vibration of the stone that is the key to regulating the balance in the human body; it puts the wearer's rhythm in tune with the stone.

Healing Strand Care Instructions

All healing jewelry needs to be cleansed when you acquire them and after wearing for a period of time. Always cleanse jewelry that comes to you from someone else, as it can hold their negative vibrations or undesirable influence and pass them to you.

When not in use, wrap your healing strand in a silk or velvet pouch or scarf. This prevents scratching and protects the strand against absorbing foreign emanations. Once you discharge your healing strand, avoid having other people touch it. Your healing strand is to remain your own protector/healer. It is, however, not the end of the world if someone touches it by accident. You just need to discharge and cleanse your healing strand to maintain its purity.

Cleansing the Healing Strand

Discharging: Healing jewelry should simply be gently rubbed with a damp cloth dipped in salt water (one teaspoon per cup of water), pure rain water, or clear running river water. Wiping with a cloth is necessary, since immersion of your strand might damage the strings. Keeping your jewelry close to heat will also weaken the strings.

Cleansing: Following the discharging, the healing strand should then be left for at least two or three hours on a bed of amethyst crystals. If you don’t have amethyst crystals, bury your strand in the dirt under a healthy plant or a tree for two or three hours. Dig the strand out of the dirt and dust it off with a clean cloth. This procedure will release all kinds of “sticky” energy or “foreign” information and thoroughly free and recharge its energy. Afterward, your stones will be as new and in the best condition for healing purposes.


  • AmazoniteStone of harmony. Aids regeneration; healing from trauma, gout, and arthritis
  • AmethystStone of protection and balance. Good for immune system, strengthens organs
  • AmmoliteStimulates the flow of life force; Stone of good fortune, health, vitality and happiness
  • ApatiteMental clarity; uplift one’s mood. Calm headaches, vertigo; improve eyesight
  • Blue Lace AgateStone of healing, calming, and peace. Good for nervous system and throat
  • CharoiteStone of Transformation. Stimulates unconditional love, physical and emotional healing
  • CopperPowerful healing for arthritis and pan
  • FluoriteProtection; grounds and integrated spiritual energies.  Healing of infections, disorder
  • GarnetStone of energy and regeneration. Inspires love, devotion, passion.  Stimulates metabolism
  • IoliteStone of vision.  Aids addition, mental clarity, detoxification, liver
  • JadeSymbol of purity and serenity.  Treats kidneys; removes toxins, assists fertility and childbirth
  • Jasper  “Supreme nurturer”. Brings tranquility and wholeness. Supports circulatory, sexual organs
  • Kyanite  Stone of tranquility. Encourages self expression. Treats muscular disorders, thyroid
  • Labradorite  Stone of light and protection. Banishes fears and insecurity. Relieves stress
  • Lapis  Spiritual protection. Treats depression, alleviates pain, migraine headaches, respiratory
  • Malachite Powerful versatile healing stone both physically and psychologically.
  • Moonstone Stone of new beginnings.  Calming, balances Yin and Yang. Helps digestive system
  • Opalite  Stone of love and passion.
  • Pyrite  Stone of vitality.  Enhances willpower, mental clarity.  Aids in fighting infection
  • Sodalite  Stone of insight and awareness.  Supports healthy blood pressure and hydration
  • SunstoneStone of personal power and freedom.  Increases metabolism, reproductive system
  • Tourmaline  Love and emotional healing. Supports heart, lungs and nervous system
  • Unakite Stone of vision. Aids recovery from a major illness.  Treats reproductive system





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